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Sam Sawah Jr. and his two sisters are all 16 years old. They attend the same school, sit in the same class and where all born on the same day. If you guess right they are triplets. They are three of the 10 children of Sam Sawah Sr. and Veronica sawah who are both deceased from the deadly Ebola. The virus also claimed the life of their son Tony Sawah who was just promoted to the 12th grade in July this year (2014). Six other children of Sam and Veronica were fortunate to have been on vacation to an uncle in Monrovia when the virus hit their home in Sawmill community, Buchanan Grand Bassa County. Four of the ten were present at home and exposed to the ebola virus when their father returned from a gold mine in Sinoe County, unfortunately carrying the Ebola Virus.Mr. Sawah contracted the virus from an infected person riding in the same taxi cab on his way home to his wife, Veronica, his lovely triplets and his son Tony. Veronica and her son Tony are now both decease following by their husband and father respectively. Tony possibly contracted the virus while cutting his father hair when he was already showing signs and symptoms while his mother Veronica from one of the many interactions with her husband. The triplets, Sam, Love and Marine who may have also come in contact with their father were save by the mercy of God and very possibly by the Humanitarian interventions of the Nyonblee Cares foundation.The Nyonblee Cares Foundation, a non-Governmental, non-Political charity Organization which is highly involve in the fight against the Ebola virus, has been caring for the survived triplets since the first day of their imposed quarantine. Though the Foundation is involved with all affected home in Buchannan Grand Bassa County, the case of the triplets is considered special in their books. NCF has taken this case personal and their interventions have proven paramount in the survival of the triplets.A day prior to NCF’s intervention, neighbors of the affected home started to show a level of stigmatization to the affected teenagers due to the death of their brother who unfortunately died before their parents. The most remembered incident before their quarantine was at the community well. The community dwellers that may or may not have been observing preventive measures openly rejected the 16 year old teenagers and denied them from getting water from the well. This incident alerted Sam, Love and Marine that they were in for a very awkward, scary and emergency situation. To further complicate things, hours later, the young triplets received visitation from officials of the county health team asking them to observe the normal quarantine as their brother and mother were tested Ebola positive.On the first visitation of the Nyonblee Cares Foundation to the home of the triplets, the team leader of the foundation field team that worked in that community described the situation as “pitiful”. He also mention that something had to be done fast to meet up with their physiological, psychosocial and health needs. They were left alone quarantined in a small house without food, water, cash nor the slightest idea of survival. What was more alarming is that they were left without a guardian or any available person to talk to and to help them through such difficult time. Generally the triplets where left lonely, scary, hungry and unsafe. Being cognizant of such danger and the fact that these kids could easily lose their lives due to all these very harsh conditions, The Nyonblee Cares Foundation started to intervene. Also on the first day, the second visit, NCF took in food supplies that were enough to take the triplets through the 21 days quarantine period. The food supplies included a 25kg bag of rice, 15 cups of cream of wheat, 10 cups of sugar, 10 cups of powder milk, and 6 sacks of mineral water. $3,000 LD was also provided to be able to purchase their immediate needs. The above were intended to help the teenagers physiologically.To attend to the health needs of the quarantined triplets NCF provided a ten day doze of the prescribed vitamin supplement intended to build their immune system against potential contacts with the Ebola virus as well as preventive Malaria drugs. The NCF team also monitored their temperatures twice a day using a thermo flash in an attempt to observe their change or maintenance of health.NCF’s psychosocial intervention was also very important as they visited the triplets twice daily to just have conversation and encourage them to not panic. The team also provided a kind of guardian as they sometimes just stopped by to ensure the security of the teenage triplets. NCF also provided a portable DVD player to help them pass the time and release the massive stress. The 21 days quarantine period has come to an end, the triplets are still alive but are now orphans and the challenges are numerous. Sam, Love, Marine and the rest of their siblings are abruptly introduced to a new kind of life; a life without their complete family. With the lost of their parents and bigger brother to Ebola, they now have to cope with the trauma and the knowledge of the economic hardship that comes after such unfortunate situations. Acknowledging the facts that they are just teenager with an older brother who is in his very early 20, and family members who are unable to render the needed assistance, the present concern is as important as the previous which may have possibly save their lives.The latest question in this heart touching situation is “what’s next”?The Nyonblee Cares Foundation is committed to continuous love and care for the orphans of Sam and Veronica Sawah. NCF believes that this is one story that must end with smiles, joy, hope and assurance of a brighter future. The Foundation also believes that the surviving orphans have enough potential to succeed and that they must be provided the opportunities to expands those potential and live out their personal dreams. The Foundation further acknowledges their amazing strength and unbelievable well to continue living. As the NCF continues to be the major intervention in the case of the Sawah orphans, the triplets and their oldest brother Teddy have been inducted into the “Stop the Spread of Ebola Campaign” as office assistants and field agent respectively. Teddy goes on the field with one of the five NCF teams that does door to door Ebola, “fear reduction awareness”, and case identification while, Sam, Love and Marine help the project coordinating team compile daily reports. They all receive a volunteer composition as everyone else working with the project. Their inclusion is intended to help keep them occupied and to provide a sense of belonging as well as a sense of responsibility in caring for their younger siblings. It is also intended to keep them close to the foundation in the process of psychosocial counseling as the Nyonblee Cares Foundation researches lasting initiative that will ensure that these kids are:1. Inducted back into a normal home and normal living2. Provided for daily with all basic social and economic needs3. Able to continue their schooling and4. Reassured of all other available opportunitiesThe challenges are numerous but with the right approaches, the right partnerships and total commitments, this unfortunate story of the Ebola survived triplets and their siblings can turn into a success story with an outstanding testimony.
An Ebola Story.
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