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Aloha from Hawaii
Buy Fine Art by Artist Fred Fontaine.  Fred Fontaine is a German-born artist currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Fred Fontaine is the exclusive artist of the popular keiki type of paintings.  Fred Fontaine also paints Abstract Impressionism artwork that is incredbily impressive and designed to really enhance the world that you live in. 
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Artist Fred Fontaine offers incredible art for sale at incredible prices.  Buy your own giglee print, or buy a photographic print that you can frame and hang on your wall for impecable taste.  Enjoy a Fred Fontaine today.  It is SuperAmazing Art!  By Brent Thomas (DaBeachBum) and Fred Fontaine of Waikiki Sales.
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Artist Fred Fontaine is a painter of Hawaiian Art, Abstract Impressionism Art, and Hawaiian Scenery Art, and more. Welcome to the official site that hosts the exclusive Fontaine Art Gallery.  Authentic original paintings created by German born Artist Fred Fontaine are for sale in our online store,  This is the only place in the world where you can buy a new, authentic, original Fred Fontaine Painting or a Limited Edition signed and numbered Giglee Print. Fred Fontaine has been commissioned to paint his original artwork pieces in villas, yachts, hotels, offices, fashion boutiques, retail facilities, and many other luxurious places. Fred Fontaine has classical training in art.  Fontaine holds a Masters Certificate (of Art) issued by the German Government.  He has instructed over 100 students in various painting techniques and styles. Fred Fontaine was commissioned by the Vatican in many occasions for his restoration work in churches. With over 6000 original paintings sold to date, you too can now own your own original Fontaine Art piece.  Please come inside to view the art of Fred Fontaine. If you would like to go to the e-commerce store and buy prints of Fred Fontaine, you can do so on this site.  But for the full inventory and to take advantage of all the sales we offer, and to do other cool stuff like join our mailing list, leave reviews for his artwork, and much more, please Click Here go to the Online Store for Fred Fontaine.
Contact a Fred Fontaine Specialist today through this site, or for better service, go to and contact us there for  better individualized attention.  We sell original Fred Fontaine paintings that are created by Fred Fontaine only, and no students or any other persons ever paint a painting in place of, or instead of Fred Fontaine.  Fontaine paints all of his own art.  Please contact us today for more information.
Contact us today. For sales inquires and any other questions, please feel free to send us an email by clicking here. We are available to talk to you about Fontaine Art at any time that you like.  Or perhaps you would like to schedule an appointment to come and visit the Fontaine showroom here in Honolulu, Hawaii. Should you need to contact us for questions immediately, please call us at the number provided.  If we are unable to answer your call, please leave us a detailed message.  Be sure to include your telephone number including your country code if outside the Untied States of America.  We will return your phone call very soon. Thank you.
Biography: The Artist. Fontaine’s modern, impressionistic art, and classical art style defies description.  Like most artists, he has evolved.  Fontaine has classical training in art, holds a Masters Certificate (issued by the German Government) and has taught over 100 artists in various techniques of painting.  Fontaine was commissioned by the Vatican on many occasions to perform restoration work on invaluable churches with his exclusive painting expertise. Fontaine has sold over 6000 original art paintings throughout his career to date. Fred Fontaine is currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Fontaine is currently in the process of being reintroduced to art communities and patrons of the arts after a time in hiatus.
The Biography of Fred Fontaine, The Artist.  This is the official biography of Fred Fontaine, German-born Artist.  Read all about Fred Fontaine and how he has become world-renowned over.
Biography: The Man. Fred Fontaine is a naturalized U.S. citizen, born in Germany.  Fontaine began as an artist at the young age of 7.  A decade later at the age of 17, Fontaine created and sold almost 200 original pieces of art and was able to finance his move to America and remained in The States for several years.  After returning to Europe Fontaine built up a sizable interior design firm which had headquarters in Germany.   Having a staff of over 45 people, Fontaine had clients in most of the European countries.  Fontaine has been commissioned to paint his art in both new and remodeled villas, yachts, hotels, office complexes, haute courtier fashion boutiques, and retail facilities, to name a few.  During this time, his original artwork was admired and sold to his exclusive clientele. Between travel and time-consuming business constraints, Fontaine decided to divest his businesses and move to Spain in the mid-1980s.  Fontaine then devoted himself full-time to his art.  Fontaine had a personal art gallery in Sotogrande, Spain, an elite area of the Costa del Sol, and agents in Antwerp, Belgium.  Through friends and introductions, Fontaine was invited to California in 1997 for a first-ever private art exhibition at the residence of Shirlee Guggenheim of Newport Beach, California.  A long-standing patron of the arts, Fontaine's exhibition was a huge success.  Fred Fontaine and Shirlee Guggenheim married in 2002 at Catalina Island, California.  They eventually moved to Hawaii. Shirlee lost her battle with cancer in 2011. Fontaine has brought back his second love, art, to reality.  Fontaine continues honoring Shirlee through his original art being produced today.
Fontaine Art Gallery. Fred Fontaine is an Artist that paints original artwork of his own design.  Each masterpiece is painted with acrylic paint on a canvas medium.  Each painting is painted entirely by Artist Fred Fontaine.  Fontaine is known in Hawaii and renowned throughout the world as being The Painter of Hawaiian Keiki Art. You can view some of his artwork here online.  You have the ability to watch sets of slideshows. We provide the automation and you provide the awww’s.  To view an automated slideshow, click a colorful tag below.  Or you can click here for individual images of art by Artist Fred Fontaine of Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii.
This is the Art Gallery for Fred Fontaine.  View his beautiful and amazing paintings here.  Check out each of his online art galleries by clicking on each of the art gallery links shown.  Fred Fontaine has the most beautiful paintings ever.  Check them out for yourself.  Buy a Fred Fontaine Original for yourself today.
Purchase a Fred Fontaine Painting here, or go to our online store at: today!  This is where you can buy your own Fred Fontaine Art Piece today.  We offer the original painting for the elite, and we also offer giglee and photographic paintings for everyone.  Buy your own Fred Fontaine today!
Buy a Fontaine. We offer original Fontaine Paintings for purchase.  Please contact a Fontaine Specialist for more information.  Thank you. We have a variety of original Fontaine’s in stock and Fred Fontaine is always working on another masterpiece. If you would like a personal tour of the current Fontaine’s for sale, and if you are going to be in the Honolulu area, please get in contact with us today. Some paintings are available for purchase online.  We also offer Limited Edition Giglee Prints as well as standard prints which are also available online for you to purchase. You can purchase prints and Limited Edition Giglee (Giclee) Prints on this website, or go directly to the Fred Fontaine Online Store by clicking here (which you can get at: too)
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Buy a Fontaine Keiki. Buy all of your Fred Fontaine Art pieces here.  We are the only official Fontaine Art Dealer. Click on the Fontaine Keiki Painting above to view some of Fontaine’s Art.  Also you can buy Limited Edition Giglee Prints as well as the actual original art painting too. All Limited Edition Prints are authentic with a production line of up to 299 ever produced.  Each is numbered and individually signed by Artist Fred Fontaine.
On The Clear Day
My Happy World of Color
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Once Upon a Time
Second Hand Emotion
Artificial Landing
The EarthWithin
26” x 26"
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11” x 14"
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Original 32”x36” Acrylic Painting on Canvas
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Original 30”x30” Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Original 36”x36” Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Original 30”x36” Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Original 30”x30” Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Original 30”x36” Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Original 36”x36” Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Original 32”x36” Acrylic Painting on Canvas
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